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When The Dream Seems So Far

I normally write about moments that passed but this time I have chosen to write about something that’s ongoing because I believe this blog post will one day serve as a testimony. On 22nd November 2019 ; 4:53pm,  I received an email from the General Medical Council of UK that my application for registration as doctor has been temporally closed because they needed to scrutinise my medical qualification further as it seemed rather different from the ones they usually assess.  Never at any one point during this journey have I ever felt like giving up, but for the very first time this feeling engulfed me I almost felt like suffocating. I thought about all the emotional and financial investment I had poured into journey . Now you see if there is one thing I have accepted in my life is the fact that am different and because of this so is my journey. My degree transcript is unique in such a way that it only captures half of journey in Medicine with the other half being captured on my nursing transcript so it appears as if i did Medicine for only 3 years. In Uganda this never really bothered me and over time I had fewer explanations to give about the nature of my transcript


This moment reminded me of several moments in my life when it seemed like just one decision would overturn everything. However the only constant in all these moments is the fact that there was nothing much I could do but wait, and TRUST GOD to make that final decision. Let me just take a moment to remember the GIANTS that the Lord has conquered.

  1. The time I felt I was ready for marriage and God led to the right marriage partner. If you have ever been a young girl ready for marriage and you can’t seem to find the right person, you understand this struggle.
  2. The time I applied for Medicine after completing nursing, and I was the only one selected that year.
  3. During that time, there was a battle by the Board of Medicine on whether I should do the complete 5 years or receive exemption for the courses I did during Nursing. I conquered this battle and I was exempted.
  4. The time I prayed to God to receive an internship place in a hospital in Kampala as i wanted to stay close to my family; He answered this prayer.
  5. The time I was ready to have another child after 3 years of medical school, God showered me with a blessing of TWINS.
  6. The time I decided to pursue this journey to the UK and I was only relying on my next month salary to start a journey that costs several million Ugandan shillings. The Lord provided for me during this journey and I still cant believe I have come this far. This journey had many ups and downs but the fire that was burning inside me never ever burnt out until now. Right now I feel that am faced with a GOLIATH.

So the Question is; Did the Lord who just did all this amazing stuff suddenly go quiet on me. Well I don’t think so. As much I’m going through this horrible feeling, one thing remains firm in my heart. The God I serve is for me. Sometimes he gives me short term problems to prevent me from getting into long term problems. So I choose to believe that even in a moment like this when my hope is hanging on a string, God will come through for me. So just like my former school motto says “GAKYALI MABAGA” literally meaning  “The struggle continues”, all I can do right now is Pray and Surrender. I believe this will be a testimony one day.

Mukiibi Photography on the Lens


7 thoughts on “When The Dream Seems So Far

  1. Hello Diana. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually crossed this valley a few weeks back. I’m in the process of writing this experience as well. The Lord we serve never fails. About the photos, a friend of mine does professional photography as a hobby and he took these lovely photos.

  2. Lovely posts!!Very inspiring May God see you through!! Good quality pictures too! Did you use a professional camera?

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey, something bigger and better will come from all this ! Hug 🤗

  4. Take heart my dear. All will be well.

    1. Amen Ian. Looking forward to be back here with a testimony.

  5. This will end with victory on your side. Just believe

    1. I believe …I believe

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