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Like many doctors moving to the UK my primary dream was to make money. However, moving with a family presented several challenges that made me decide I needed to take it slow.


I started working in the UK as a non-trainee. My family joined after 5 months. After 1 year of working, I joined Psychiatry training in August 2021. This was the hardest period of my life. There were so many events going on in my life that left me both emotionally and physically drained as a doctor, mum, and wife. When the phase was over I had to reflect and learn from it and one of the changes I figured would help me juggle my life better was to work part-time. Now, this was not an easy decision as it comes with less salary and probably a longer training journey. I was however prepared for this. My priority in life is family and working part-time allows me more time to see my girls grow.

The process of applying for LTFT

At the time I made up my mind to go to LTFT, I was in the last month of my first placement. I, therefore, informed my clinical supervisor who was in full support.

HEE organized a seminar to promote awareness of LTFT which I was happy to attend. I was able to learn a few key things.

  • As a doctor on visa- i can only go up to 80% which was fine with me as all i needed was an extra day .
  • It is possible to progress after 6 months if your trust considers competency based training instead of time.

Secondly, I informed my College tutor as well. I then reached out to the LTFT champion/representative in my trust who then drafted an email and copied it to my supervisor, college tutor as well HR.

I then made the formal application and sent it to my Training Program director. I applied under Category 1. Details of the different catogories can be found on the website below.

My application was approved after 3 weeks. Once my application was approved an email was sent to my HR and the payroll informing them of when i will start LTFT.

Preparing for life as LTFT trainee

My first training placement was General adults(Inpatients). This was a hectic placement during which i was unable to complete my annual leaves. I then discussed with supervisor in my second placement to allow me take my carried over leaves from placement one in less than full time pattern. This involved me taking one day of leave every week untill the end of placement. This pattern has helped ease into my planned LTFT life.

As i conclude this, i would like to inform anyone reading this to please look after yourself first. Be keen on listening to your body and rest when you can. Whatever works for you, keep doing that. Untill next time, thank you for reading up to this far.


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