How To Make All Purpose Liquid Soap

Like most mothers I’m always on the look out for ways i can cut the home budget and this has led me into doing several things on my own. I can therefore confidently say I’m a DIY ( Do it yourself) person. I embarked on this DIY journey during my long maternity leave and it has indeed proved beneficial to my family. Today i want to take you through this simple process of making all purpose liquid soap at home. I will make a video soon to make it easier for the visual people.

1. Ungalo; 1kg
2. Salt; 1kg
3. Sulphonic; 1/2kg
4. Caustic; 3 tablespoons
5. Preservative of choice: A handful.
6. Color and perfume of choice.

1. Mix salt with the Ungalo until this is well mixed. add 2 cups to the mixture for easy mixing. Mix until the mixture is well blended with a porridge like consistency.
2. Add sulphonic acid and then continue mixing till it is well blended into the mixture. I usually add at least a cup of water for this sometimes becomes too thick.
3. Add 3 tablespoons of caustic to the mixture. Be very careful with caustic; it burns. Stir the mixture until well mixed.
4. Add the preservative.I normally use Urea about a handful.
5. Add 20 litres of water and stir till well mixed.
6. At this point your liquid soap is done. I normally keep it overnight and then add colour and perfume in the morning.

This recipe yields approximately 24 litres of water. This can last you about 2 to 3 months depending on your daily home consumption. And if you want make extra bucks; why not? Everyone needs some pocket change.

Have you tried out this soap recipe? Let me know how it comes out in the comment section below or if you have any questions still let me know in the comments section below.

15 Comments on "How To Make All Purpose Liquid Soap"

  1. Hi Doc
    I do make liquid soap but sometimes, it becomes watery like after a month or two and on other occasions a strong urine smell.
    How can I get those issues rectified?


  2. How much are those ingredients for making 24litres and where can one get those reagent from,like which shop?


  3. Alex being tough on hands may be attributed to the amount of caustic you use and also not properly mixing the ingredients with each step of the way. Next time try mixing thoroughly each step before moving to the next


  4. I added perfume on my 20ltrs liquid soap and it turned watery immediately how can i troubleshoot this?


  5. Thanks Professor,
    Please help me know where I can buy some of the ingredients like;



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