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Do Not Give Up


August started off with sad news. See i had so many plans set for August. I did my International English test popularly known as IELTS. They say this exam opens your doors to the entire world so you can imagine how many doors i was waiting to open once i pass this test. I took a lot of time to prepare for this exam because a lot was at stake. So you can imagine the shock i received when i had not hit the pass mark. I was so devastated, all my hopes were crashed, everything that can describe sadness was how i was feeling at the beginning of August but one thing that i never allowed to feel is GIVING UP.

When you have made long-term plans that could overhaul your entire life, Giving up is never an option. Allow your self time to grieve because it’s an important stage that needs not be missed. Give yourself as much time as you need but when you get up, GET UP….I repeat Gerrrupppppp….This life is not for deserters..we fall down but we get up. Today i want to give you a few tips i use when i encounter obstacles along my journey to success. Yes you heard right, am going to

Tip 1.

  1. Allow yourself to Grieve. Go through all the stages of Grief if you are to heal properly.

  2. Do not seclude yourself. Allow a few people into your inner space , a few that feel comfortable being vulnerable around. You can cry if you can. Sharing with other people makes you realise you are not alone, for example i shared my experience with a few friends and i realised tone of them had gone through a similar experience. This particular friend strengthened me in ways i cannot describe. Therefore do not be scared to let people into your dark moments.

  3. Re strategize. Yes I understand you have failed, you had everything planned out and all seemed to be going well but now everything seems blurry. This is the time to sit down and consider Plan B if you had one, or to make a whole new plan altogether. In my situation i had deadlines to meet but i had to push the deadlines. I started focusing on passions i had initially put on hold. Basically i started all over again.

  4. Pray. The Bible says Submit all your plans to the Lord. Psalms 19:21 says ” Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Many times we make plans without seeking direction from the Lord. Some times he speaks but we do not listen, maybe because we are not able to discern his voice. My prayer for you and me is that we follow the Lord’s purpose for our lives. I must say during this time it was hard for me to even pray, i felt the Lord had abandoned at a time i needed him the most however because of the of the wealth of God’s word stored up in my heart i was able to seek him later on. Therefore seek him when all is well so that you are able to draw from the well when all is not well.

I hope this writing piece inspires you today. Kindly give me feedback so that i learn from you as well. May God bless you

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