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I normally write about moments that passed but this time I have chosen to write about something that’s ongoing because I believe this blog post will one day serve as a testimony. On 22nd November 2019 ; 4:53pm,  I received an email from the General Medical Council of UK that my application for registration as doctor has been temporally closed because they needed to scrutinise my medical qualification further as it seemed rather different from the ones they usually assess.  Never at any one point during this journey have I ever felt like giving up, but for the very first time this feeling engulfed me I almost felt like suffocating. I thought about all the emotional and financial investment I had poured into journey . Now you see if there is one thing I have accepted in my life is the fact that am different and because of this so is my journey. My degree transcript is unique in such a way that it only captures half of journey in Medicine with the other half being captured on my nursing transcript so it appears as if i did Medicine for only 3 years. In Uganda this never really bothered me and over time I had fewer explanations to give about the nature of my transcript

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Freedom after Plab 2 exam.

Unlike PLAB 1 where you can pass with self study, PLAB 2 requires attending academy. However experienced you are, I strongly recommend you attend an academy of your choice. There are several academies committed to ensuring that you pass your exam as this also reflects on their quality and authenticity. Personally I chose Samson’s Academy because all the previous Ugandan doctors had go there and majority passed in first attempt which is what matters most. I went to academy with a clean slate; You know how people send you all sorts of material before academy and they tell you to read through, well I failed to read this material as it did not make any sense to me till Day 2 of the academy

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You need to learn what the Lord thinks about you for he alone has a say over your life; In Jeremiah 29:11, We are reminded that the lord has great plans to prosper us; Even our own beliefs about ourselves cannot hold us back from what he has in store for us. Remember charity begins at home; so start feeding your mind with scripture that builds instead of tearing yourself down.